Management Consulting Services

Many companies experience a great deal of pain in implementing systems efficiently and effectively or experience little immediate benefit realization, let alone meeting deadlines or budgets. Our expertise has given us the opportunity to see this trend reversed in the implementations we have done. We do this by following best practice methodologies in a practical way and apply skills and knowledge across various disciplines, from Systems delivery - waterfall, iterative or incremental through to Process improvement through to Project Management.

The services offered are primarily focused to apply to :

  • The Systems (IT) environment
    The FULL Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) forms the basis of all work done, whether in a waterfall, iterative or incremental approach. Services would include all systems implementations including Business Analysis, Specifications, Testing, Data Migrations and Integration.
  • General Business Practice / Management
    Primarily these services focus in the areas of process improvement and project/ program management , with the application of best practice in all cases.
  • Training, Mentoring and Skills Development

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