General Business Practice / Management

The range of services offered here include :

Process improvement

With a focus on establishing a continuous improvement business we can assist you in establishing and documenting the as is (current state) processes, at the same time highlighting areas for improvement, provide recommendations, and then with your managers and staff designing improved to be (future state) processes.

Project Management

We use highly structured project management processes to provide project management services. Specifically we focus on systems (IT) projects but our processes can be applied to any business transformation type projects. Our project management services would include schedule development and management, scope management, risk and issue management, stakeholder management, financial (budget) management, dependency management, benefits realization (ROI).

Program Management

Our program management services use the project management processes as a base and then provide specific techniques and mechanisms to roll them up into specific and structured program management processes. Processes specific to program management (and additional to project management) would include consolidated progress reporting (including dashboarding), resource management, knowledge management (including template and document management) and quality assurance (by establishing methods, standards and procedures).


All of the above management consulting skills offered by us can be transferred to your organization in a number of alternate ways :

  • through direct (one-on one) skills transfer, or
  • by setting up the necessary structured processes and procedures to assist your staff to do these things, or
  • through one on one training and mentoring, or
  • the development and presentation of formal training programs, or
  • by performing audits and compliance checks.

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